Traffic safety

Traffic and especially road safety is becoming one of the most important research areas of our company. We are focusing on solutions for improving traffic safety by optimizing road infrastructure and conducting analyzes on local, national and international level. Analyzes are based on traffic safety indicators with the use of established statistical methods as well as self developed software and GIS programmes.


We prepare a yearly overview of dangerous road locations on national roads that are managed by the Slovenian Roads Agency and DARS, the Slovenian Motorway Company. Dangerous road sections are those, on which at least one traffic accident with an injury has occurred in the last three years. They must also have an incidence of traffic accidents with injury that is higher than the critical value for similar road sections.

Definition of dangerous road sections is a multi step process.We determine them with the help of statistical traffic accidents database (traffic monitoring and count, road network and traffic accidents) and on the basis of recommendations from European Union for establishing a system for managing dangerous road sections. We identify separately dangerous road sections and intersections. Over the years, this methodology has been upgraded several times in order to obtain optimal results according to available date.

The locations where accidents occur frequently are furthermore examined on the field. During our visit of specific location, we examine the traffic regulation and the road alignment (subsection or intersection). We also arrange a meeting with the local police officer and prepare image and video material for further analysis.

Following the analysis,we suggest for each and every location various measures which would improve traffic safety. Measures can be short - term (or low-cost, as they can be effective for a longer period of time, regardless of their costs) or long-term. If further analysis are required, special studies are made.

Dangerous road sections 'black spots' in Slovenia 2014 - 2016 analysis:
Between 2014-2016, 110 sites with high accident frequency were recorded (in two steps), out of which 26 were road sections and 84 crossroads. We have carried out 24 meetings with the local representatives of the police, at 24 different police stations. In total, 32 sites with high accident frequency were examined in detail. At some police stations, the accidents were not thoroughly inspected, therefore only a general opinion of the accident location was provided. We proposed for each location various measures which would improve safety concerns (some of them already implemented some of them suggested additionally while some of them are due to unregulated road infrastructure). The remaining dangerous road sections, where a field visit and meeting at the local police station wasn’t carried out, were also thoroughly analyzed. These are mostly repetitive dangerous road sections, which we have already dealt with in the past and for some of them already made a study of conceptual solutions. We have analyzed them again in order to inform the Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure that the same sites, from the past analysis, still appear as dangerous in new results. As part of the task, it was found out that in 2016 and 2017 a comprehensive approach was taken to implement measures to improve road safety. Measures to improve road safety have been implemented in the vast majority of “black spots”. A number of measures will be implemented in 2018 as well. We estimate that the vast majority of “black spots” will extinguish in the upcoming years (due to the three-year period of our studies, a dangerous road section can appear as such for another 2 years after measures are implemented).

Identified "black spots" on the national road network for 2014-2016 - Step 1 (52 black spots)

Identified "black spots" on the national road network for 2014-2016 - Step 2 (58 black spots)


We develop annually the "Traffic Safety Analysis" application which enables users to produce reports with a traffic safety analysis for the selected section or municipality with its overview based on traffic accidents data for the period 2004-2016 in PDF format. The user can select among the section, road section part, the municipality, the period of analysis, and the cause of the accident.

The traffic safety is presented in the selected section, municipality or cause of the accident in different ways, namely:

  • number of accidents and their consequences per year;
  • costs of road accidents per year (level 2016);
  • development of road accidents since 2004;
  • number of accidents and their consequences;
  • number of traffic accidents per road section;
  • number and type of participating vehicles;
  • number of traffic accidents per type and cause;
  • number of road accidents per road surface and the condition of the road at the time of the accident;
  • number of traffic accidents according to the state of traffic and the state of the weather at the time of the accident;
  • number of traffic accidents per hourly interval of the day;
  • number of participants per road accidents successively;
  • number of participating vehicles successively.