OPCOST is a software for cost calculation of road users and for transport economic evaluation of road projects. Its databases are updated at least once a year.


The software is used as a tool for measuring price ratios between the investment in a road infrastructure project and user benefits as its consequence. With the calculation of economic indicators (net present value, internal rate of return) it enables classification of several road projects by investment costs and by change of direct user benefits because of the project implementation. In this way we can choose the most suitable option among several variants of the transportation project.


An investment project is preferred if discounted benefits exceed its discounted costs.

Benefits are defined in the software as the difference between user costs on existing infrastructure and after investments in the infrastructure has been made. In cost calculation, not only user costs are taken into account, but also traffic accidents and road maintenance costs.

Figure 1: Costs includend in the software OPCOST

Individual costs per unit are an integral part of the software and are updated at least once a year. These costs are the basis for all subsequent calculations.


The software consists of several parts. The most important parts are the calculation of costs and the transport economic evaluation of a project. In addition, the software also provides the use of various reports.

In the subprogram for cost calculation, total costs are calculated on the basis of technical and traffic characteristics of road sections in the impact area of investment (road network).

Figure 2: Input data for cost calculation

The subprogram for transport economic evaluation allows the calculation of economic indicators on the basis of calculated benefits (as the difference between costs with or without investment), investment costs and discount rates.

Figure 3: Transport economic evaluation of a project