Investment documentation

We are one of the first companies in Slovenia, which began elaborating investment documentation. In our 30-years of experience, we have collaborated with many different public and private clients and helped develop the methodology for the evaluation of public infrastructure investments. OMEGA consult has also developed the computer programme OPCOST that is now the official national tool for the calculation of economic viability of road infrastructure investments.

OMEGA consult elaborates all types of investment documents on behalf of investors.

Preparing the necessary investment documentation is a complex procedure on four levels:

  • studies and research that represent a basis for the viability of the project and for the elaboration of investment, project and spatial documentation,
  • elaboration of investment documentation,
  • elaboration of project documentation (project concept, design for construction permit etc.),
  • elaboration of spatial documentation (national spatial plan, detailed community spatial plan, construction permit etc.).

The documents are inter-related (existence of one document is conditional for the other one) therefore, the elaboration of investment documentation is a multistage project, which enables transparency and efficient control of the project.