Social responsibility

Awareness and realization of the social responsibility importance is an integral part of our management strategy.

Relationship with our employees

Our company’s success is built on the knowledge, creativity and motivation of our employees, who, through various projects, research and studies, make a significant contribution to the profession’s development outside our company. More than 80% of our 25 employees have at least an university degree, which makes our company one of the leading companies in the country in this segment and we tend to systematically support for our employee’s further education and training.

Relationship with our environment

Responsibility to our next generations and our environment obliges us to incorporate in our business and business decisions environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. We implement the latter as well in our environmental and spatial studies.

In the environmental field OMEGA consult carries out noise and emission measurements. In addition to this, we also prepare expert opinion regarding the heavy vehicles noise on certain sections of the road. As we strive for life in a healthier society in all areas, we have also prepared a noise reduction model, which applies to the Slovenian rail network and covers over 1,200 km.

Relationship with our community

Through donations and sponsorship actions, OMEGA consult supports those individuals, organizations, societies and events that, in their actions, promote ethical values ​​of a multicultural society.