Information systems

OMEGA consult is actively involved in integration and development of information systems. Examples of successful system integration are our products E-tolling and VIPOS (see PRODUCTS).

OMEGA consult has developed and is still developing and maintaining all information systems below:

  • software for monitoring vehicle compliance – type approval;
  • software for monitoring road infrastructure investments on state roads in Slovenia;
  • software for information of tachographs and vehicles ADR;
  • software for information of pressure vessels;
  • partial software e-Sport, application Youth Sports;
  • IT system concept for the ER in Ljubljana;
  • IT system concept for information of passengers in public transport in Ljubljana and Podgorica (Montenegro).

Furthermore, among the important solutions at OMEGA consult we consider the development of new platform for informing passengers in Slovenia about different modes of public transport. The portal supports the system EDaljinar for managing the public transport infrastructure and the National Timetable. The systems are connected with Google Transit and enable the door-to-door route planning with public transport in Slovenia and in the EU.

In order to integrate systems and optimize data compatibility and transfer we are exploring various technologies which are based on spatial data and GIS systems.

Our work can be divided into 2 areas: Integration of information systems and Development of information systems.


As part of integration of information systems, we are researching all advanced technologies which appear in the world today. We are looking for synergies and possibilities to connect and transfer data between them. Our work is based on process management which we model with modern tools and in cooperation with our clients. Various statistical analyzes are prepared to support the results.

With focus on our clients’ wishes and needs, we are constantly seeking for feasible and financially sustainable solutions. In order to achieve them, we evaluate integrated systems which result from detailed cost-benefit analyzes.


OMEGA consult is partner with ORACLE and has a number of licenses for working with development tools. We follow the latest IT trends to develop products with three-level architecture and internet solutions.

We always implement systematical and methodological approaches, so that the system design and development have methodological correct foundations.

The second key element of the development of information systems is in its perfect content. We ensure the latter is in accordance with right legislation and standards.

The system comes to life when it is successfully integrated in our clients’ environment. Therefore, tight collaboration with our client is a must. Our aim is to connect with our clients’ practice by taking into account his wishes already during the development stage. After integration, all systems are also regularly maintained.

Our company is partner with ORACLE, in addition we also hold many licenses to work with development tools.