Central vehicle register


The purpose of the conformity of vehicles is to put into use only such motor vehicles, trailing road vehicles, vehicle spare parts and accessories for these vehicles, which comply with the applicable regulations in the automotive area. The procedure is performed prior to placing the vehicle in use, ie prior to vehicle registration. The result of compliance with relevant regulation is the Certificate of Conformity of the vehicle, which is a prerequisite for its registration. The administrator of vehicle conformity data in this way controls a fleet of vehicles in the domestic market in terms of technical characteristics, the achievement of environmental standards, safety requirements, and the like.


The vehicle approval procedures are implemented by manufacturers or their authorized national representatives, the individual vehicle approval procedure CRV (i.e. single import, vehicle modification / tunning) is carried out by a designated professional organizations.

Vehicle type approval IS collects and verifies information on issued approval certificates sent in real time by certified vehicle sellers and certified vehicle type approval organizations. After processing it, the received information is sent to the vehicle registration authority.

A part of the information system is the Visual Basic application CRV, which enables users at the national vehicle type approval authority to input, organize and examine data concerning vehicle type approval and upon that issue documents (forms, technical data etc.).