AT OMEGA consult we provide all the functions of road network management and maintenance, in a systematic way.

In the last three decades, we have developed a number of information databases and new methodologies which enable obtaining, maintaining and analyzing public infrastructure data.

To serve the its needs, an Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System was also designed, which is shooting the traffic on regional and national road sections. In addition to socio-economic and financial evaluation, the financial aspect and optimization of investment is always at the forefront when considering each new project. For this purpose, we have developed a software module OPCOST, which gives us financial evaluation of public investment and calculates benefits of such investments.

AT OMEGA consult we are also working towards determining the needs of Slovenian road network users and managers. The result is a camera and weather station system which monitors the traffic and weather conditions on the main and regional road network. The acquired data on road infrastructure represents a program module VIPOS, which is updated at least once a year.

An additional information solution is the establishment and maintenance of an automotive homologation system. The system grows annually with more than 50,000 new vehicles per year and unites more than 500 companies operating in this market.

Among many information systems, we are proud to have developed the Portal of the Integrated Public Passenger Transport which provides for passengers all the information needed about intercity bus and train routes. The Portal is based on two information tools, E-daljinar (Uniform infrastructure database) and National Timetable, both developed at OMEGA.