Mission and vision


The art of right advice

We are a customer oriented company, operating in the field of consulting and information systems. Our company employs experts of various professional backgrounds, which makes our approach wholesome and targets specific problems of our customers.


Our vision is a company with multi-disciplinary knowledge and quality of service that successfully masters the present and future challenges and exceeds clients´ expectations. The vision of providing and perfecting our expert knowledge extends beyond the borders of Slovenia.


Partnership and trust

At OMEGA consult, we tend to build open and transparent relationships, among our colleagues and with our clients. We trust each individual and stay open minded for his ideas and suggestions.

Innovation and efficiency

We believe that the only way to achieve top results and customer satisfaction is to continually stimulate innovation and productivity among employees. Since we employ experts from different fields, we encourage different perspectives, principles and ideas, and we are helping to shape open minded, opinionated and prosperous individuals.

Responsibility and economy

Being focused on the results, we strive to set and achieve high goals. We continually look for new business opportunities. We are diligent, accurate and always ready to take responsibility for our work and obligations.