OMEGA consult offers strategic and business solutions which touch various topics regarding the road network and other public infrastructure. We employ highly educated experts who contribute knowledge and ideas from different fields, which gives added value to our work and clients.

The key foundation of our work is to improve transport infrastructure management.  With this, we aim to improve mobility and reduce the negative effects of traffic, which is achieved by improving the traffic regulation and its functionality. Traffic safety remains one of the main goals of our work, and with this purpose we have also developed a methodology for identifying dangerous locations on major, regional roads and motorways. As a result, users are better informed about the dangerous locations and where new investments may reduce the likelihood and consequences of a traffic accident. The statistics clearly show how planned investment in settlement planning and the construction of roundabouts can have a positive impact on road safety.

In the field of environment, we prepare noise and pollutant analysis, and we propose concrete solutions for improving the quality of life by helping to rise living and health standards.

In Slovenia, we were among the first companies to implement investment documentation, for which we have developed a new computer program that financially and functionally evaluates investments projects.