23 new crossing points for 48 million euros

The system of car parks P + R “Park and ride” in the Ljubljana region covers 27 parking lots P + R, four of which already operate in Ljubljana (Dolgi most, Stožice, Studenec and Ježica).
For each new crossing point, the company OMEGA Consult has developed a study, based on which municipalities can compete for EU funds and gain building licenses. The final goal of the project is the regulation of an integrated parking system P + R. This will keep a substantial amount of motor traffic on the outskirts of the city, meanwhile users will switch to bus, rail traffic or non-motorized traffic (bikes, paths on foot). This will increase the traffic flow in the region, reduce the burden on the environment and improve the quality of life.

And the financial investment? For 23 new parking lots (together with those which have already received funding from the previous financial perspective) it is estimated to be 48 million euros, from which 33 million would be obtained from European funds, while the rest would be funded by the municipalities. For the project to be eligible for EU co-financing, its net benefits for the society must be positive. With economic analysis and taking into account the assessment of external costs (air pollution, climate change and noise), we calculated that the project has a positive net worth of over two million euros.

In this case, the risk analysis showed a five percent probability that the economic net worth will be negative. Critical variables are a change in investment costs and a change in revenue. We also mention the four “bottlenecks” of the project: a longer construction period due to the long duration of obtaining licenses, the research for financial resources (municipal budgets do not allow 100% funding, therefore, it is necessary to obtain EU funds or other sources), occupancy of parking lots (lower occupancy means additional financial burdens for municipalities) and uncertainty about the future system management and the role of each project participants.

At OMEGA consult we studied and analyzed three management models, for the best it turned out to be a joint public company (we also examined the possibility that each municipality manages its P + R and a joint private company). Prior to the construction of P + R centers, the management model and operator of the P + R centers, should have been selected and designated.