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Modern information technology enables the capture, transfer and communication of the relevant road, weather and traffic data in real time. Numerical data, combined with real time video provides a comprehensive surveillance and information system.

In the last 8 years OMEGA consult has placed 50 video cameras on the national road network on behalf of the National Roads Agency, Sector for road infrastructure management and maintenance. Video surveillance system has been upgraded with weather tracking sensors in the last two years. The picture below shows the locations of currently placed video systems.

The real time video capture can be followed online on www.promet.si It enables economic and current distribution of information to the public and is beneficial to all types of road users (automobile associations, radio stations, drivers, HGV drivers, road maintenance etc.)

Communication channels are crucial for an efficient and quick transfer of information. Optical fibre communication cables would be the ideal transfer media for video signal but most of the national road network is not equipped with them. ADSL connections also enable real time picture.


Alternatives like ISDN, GSM, and GRPS are used where optical fibres and ADSL aren´t available, but due to lower band width for data transfer the video picture can in that case only be shown in 30 second intervals.

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